Over several years, we have tried many online project management systems to help keep track our work and to ensure our clients are always kept up-to-date with their projects progress.  The one we have settled on for all our small to medium projects is called Trello, and we have been using it successfully for over two years.

In fact, many clients have gone on to adopt it for their own business projects.  And, no one has ever said it was hard to work with or boring!


Car manufaturing to web development

It is based on the Japanese project management methodology called kanban, developed by Toyota for managing their manufacturing work-flow.   Originally, tasks were written on a piece of card and stuck on a large board.  As the work on the task progressed, the card was physically moved across the board to another column, these columns representing development phases.

There are now a several good software implementations of kaban available, and we think is the most fully featured is LeanKit.  However, for smaller projects, we prefer the simpler and much more fun Trello.


Trello is Agile

The basic idea of Trello is the same as kanban, each item of work required on a project is split it to cards and placed on a board and the cards move across the board.  With Trello, on each card, you can add comments, have discussions, attach files and labels, allocate work, setup notifications, and everything else you need to manage project work-flow!

As the client is fully involved in development process - giving feedback, adding information, and signining off completed work - it truly becomes an Agile developement process.

You can find out more on the official Trello page: https://trello.com, and the Trello tour: https://trello.com/tour.


Our way of working

We have also created a public Trello board for our clients explaining why and how we use Trello and you can find it here: https://trello.com/b/dYYqdrKk/kandytech-demo-trello-board-for-clients

We hope you read through the cards and realise how easy it is to be fully involved in a project, even though you may be many time zones away from the developers.